Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work has been insane. New project as of Monday, 80 hours at HP.

Nika was sick for the last few days and lost a pound and a half, I'm sort of done obsessing about the issue, she's feeling much better now, I presume it was something she ate, just had her really fatigued and not up for much action.

It's so odd that despite all of my resistance, life seems to be settling into this rhythm, I'm starting to be more outgoing at work again, I don't rush home as if my life depends on getting from the office straight to home in 20 minutes, I still have plenty of time off, I spend three times more time with Nika than the average working mother, I've really got my Boss to thank for that one though. I have been reluctant to date but by the looks of things, something's happening in that department also, too early to tell what or to classify it as anything. It's not as if I haven't been out and about every so often, but this is the first time I look at everything as a fun time out and not an effort I'm trying to put in just for the sake of saying 'I did it'. I think had it not been so spontaneous, no pressure and unexpected, I'd have avoided it just like the rest of the 'normal' aspects to life.

It's difficult getting life on track as well as factoring Nika in at first place and juggling the two, but the thing is, for the last 3 years Nika has been my life and everything else had been either factored in somewhere, some niche or maybe the odd 5 minutes I had to spare, at times not at all.

2010 is good to me so far, let's see if the other 11 months

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday nights..

Apparently, can be rather fun.

I met someone yesterday whom I didn't expect to meet at all, more of I didn't expect to have a good time, nor did I expect to make plans to see him again. There's no particular plan of action, I love this new pattern of not expecting and getting the unexpected, it's great.

We'll see whether or not this Sunday is going to be something or anything really..

Nika's birthday was fantastic, she got an extremely large bear that she absolutely adores, an iTeddy, a belated iTeddy that I have been searching in all corners of the internet and Moscow, turns out bargains are there where you least expect them.

Pictures coming soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have got to be at Deutsche bank at 9 o'clock, I'm generally early, so I'll be there at 8:45.

By 11, I'll be madly dashing it to the bank.

By 11: 30 I have got to be home, turn off my phone and enjoy the rest of the day with my amazing 2 year old.

I can't believe it's her birthday already. However before all that..

Cake. Food. Treats. Presents and all of that has got to be taken care of tonight!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

One would be surprised.

Or rather I am, I always seem to find myself amongst the most peculiar of situations, engulfed in them. What I'm doing  with the current one is well, inexplainable, even by me. It's oddly fascinating, yet so trivial and out-of-synch with my reality I even get amused at the fact that I give it thought throughout the day.

Life is ironic that way. By the way, replace the word 'situation' by the word 'person'.

I need a life, wait I have one, I just need to start making more effort in certain sectors.

Toddler news: 2 days till her birthday, insert panic.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


For the longest time, there was only -one- thing I longed to hear from someone else, something along the lines of 'well if you need anything, I'm here for you', no buts, ifs, maybes, whens and the like.

When the other day, someone said to me let's name him M, 'well if you ever need me, I'm here for you, I'll do my best to fly right over', for one that person was the last person I'd expect to hear that from I mean granted what the two of us have been through, we led completely different lives until recently and only just got in touch again, we never had a fallout and were always great friends, but back when we lived in the same country, for exactly that reason, you know, the fact that we had completely seperate lives, we didn't spend much time together but when we did it was always great.

When he said that, for the first time in a very long time I don't see anything between the lines, I know for a fact that he means this and that he doesn't want anything in return with only the purest of intentions, that warmed my heart in a way I can't really get across in words, it's not often nowadays that someone says that to you and you have absolutely no doubt that it's true.

Even my former best friend of what used to be 7 years (we don't talk anymore), he'd never say such a thing, not unless it was followed by 'you must understand, I can't just drop everything I'm doing for your needs, I have my own life now, what if you hurt me, what if you use me', 'why should I, you never did (names something that happened years ago) for me', 'there was a time I'd have turned the world upside down for you but NOW', which is understandable, whatever, we had been through our crap, but he never would. In fact when he did come and see me, that in itself is a story worthy of an entry itself.

Recently a certain person who seemed to be rather infatuated with me maybe a little too much in some senses but claimed it was all pure hearted, yet another one whom I've reconnected with after we lost touch for several years, he wanted to visit, but it was also a case of 'you know I'm not coming there to take you out to dinner and that's that' or 'I'm turning my life upside down to do this, I hope you know', screw that, who needs the above.

Just goes to show that the people who we really need to tend to, value, cherish and take care of, would never ever ask you to do so, today is a day when I'm grateful that a) I have M in my life again  b) that people like M even exist.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nika's first doll house.. I think.

The trouble with having your child soon after Christmas and New Year - you either shop for their gifts in advance, or you're stuck tearing your hair out a week before their birthday, not even sure what to get them but already knowing that most of your ideas won't be in stock - anywhere!!

After several sleepless nights and endless torture of my good friend, we finally figured the answer out, the answer to the question 'what do you get a child who seemingly has everything..'.

A doll house.

'She doesn't have a doll house yet. I'll even throw out my stuff from the cupboard her kitchen's standing by, and that's where we'll store it' thought I to myself.

Doll houses for toddlers cost an arm and leg here in Moscow, the most simple ones around 70-80$, the more complicated ones over a 100$. I'd get her a Mega Bloks or Lego one but she's much prefer something musical.

I don't want to spend over 120$ simply because I know for a fact that as soon as the novelty wears off, it's going to be one of the toys that entertains Nika for 10 minutes until she moves on to something else. Even though I'm now doing that rotation thing, you know, hide a few boxes (yes, we have accumulated a few boxes) and then bring them back out in a few weeks and voila - she's really happy with them. 

So now I'm dumbfounded with the following options, they're all equally musical, some of them have lights that light up. Price range is the same give or take an arm. I know anywhere abroad it'd be a crime to price a toddler doll house close to 100$ or over, but Moscow is vicious that way.

Mind you at this point the possibility of any of these being in stock is rather slim, but there's hope.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

-25 degrees celcius, calamari rings, post poned bedtime and cars.

Alas the time sums up my somewhat boring day, I've eaten nothing but calamari rings allday, fried to boot. Which is the perfect example why either today or tomorrow I'm starting the special K diet, which basically involves two doses of cereal and a decent meal every day - motto for this 2 week plan is 'don't put off for tomorrow what you put off yesterday for today'. These holidays have not been kind to neither my organism not that nasty little number on the scale which I haven't seen but can predict rather accurately.

Nika's bedtime schedule is every parent's nightmare, another repercussion of extremely fun holidays. I generally deal with the kind of issue by either not putting her down for a nap if she hasn't napped earlier in the day or extremely active play as well as time at the park right before bedtime, and a relaxing bath, however nothing's been working.

Her birthday is only a few days away, am off on a shopping spree bash this weekend, her outfits is no where near complete.

I spent the better part of last night torturing myself in order to make a classic pumpkin pie, not that stuff out of the can, the from scratch kind. It came out awesome too so I stuck it in the fridge hoping to wake up to the sight of lovely, cold pumpkin pie with my morning coffee but the horror - in the fridge stood something pale orange, shrivelled and nothing like the puff, gorgeous, bright pie I took out of the stove yesterday. Insert sad smiley here.

It's fully edible, just really ugly.

We did go outside today briefly, I mean after that traumatic pie experience, I needed a decent lunch. Neither of us froze limbs off, that's always good news.

I saw somebody today (online) again and didn't quite dare to talk to him, it's been an extremely long time now, on the one hand it's that lingering feeling when you've known someone for so, so long (7 years to be exact) and then you stop being friends, that compelling feeling to say happy holidays, happy birthday or even to check in never seems to fade, at least for me. From now on, if need be, we will refer to this person as 'X'. X and I don't talk though. Why we don't talk, is another story in itself, for another sleep-deprived night perhaps. Tootles!

Monday, January 4, 2010

January 3rd: Another new beginning.

To blog or not to blog has been the question for a while. Despite the fact that this blog has a few previous entries, it was actually made yesterday.

The thing is, I've long since abandoned my former beloved blog to whom I remained loyal for a solid number of years. I can't say why, I suppose it has become more than just a collection of experiences and memories, some that I recall with a smile on my face, others I try not to think of or embarrassingly skim through in my mind for various reasons.

My life is nothing like it used to be, that's neither a good nor bad thing.

Sometimes I find myself with the odd 5-10 minutes on my hands and the most trivial of thoughts, something I'd like to embed in my mind and a lot of the times I do.. only to forget it all by the time the day has finished.

Just like everything else, at one point everyone has got to turn a new page, I've done that in several aspects, in different ways - now it's time for another blog, don't ya think?

That and nothing has ever motivated me more and given me incentive than writing my new year's resolutions down, little yet have my friends and family secretly lurk and remind me!

My life in pointform:

  • I enjoy what I do for a living, I do the corporate thing, climbing up the ladder a little everyday, don't get me wrong it's not in order to prove myself nor do I fanatically look for ways to succeed in my working life because it's all I have, truth be told, as long as I'm earning a living and getting somewhere (albeit slowly.. sometimes a tad too slowly), I'm rather happy.
  • I work in order to make myself happy, not because work makes me happy.

  • This is Nika:

She's basically perfect, not much else to say but that.

23 months old, 30 pounds, 35 inches worth of pure perfection.
Oh that and she's mine, of course. She was born on January 12th, 2008, which means she'll be two soon (Yay!)

Speaking of two, it's just the two of us, which in itself is another story which can be summed up rather simply, a positive pregnancy test at 4 and a half weeks of pregnancy (even though I was under the impression that everything with my choice for birth control was a-okay, apparently not), the words 'now what?' (after the initial fear induced censored plethora of emotions) and the birth of Dominique Maeve at 36 weeks 4 days, January 12th, 2008 at 5:25 pm. We're okay being just us two, honest.

Anyhoo .. Speaking of the big 2 though: after all, you only turn 2 once, right?

Ambition №1: The Cake. The Rainbow cake.
(Goal: .. at least something that vaguely resembles that! Needless to say, images don't belong to me, found via Google)

Finding food color in Moscow is.. well, going to be an adventure in itself. 

  • Oh and.. just to mention it, I shop. I save and budget, but I also shop (..just a tad..)

And you know, while on the subject of shopping and all.
MUST. Have. This. When. Get. Paid.


Neither is warm and she'll only wear 'em in April/May but it's adorable AND it's the year of the tiger according to the Chinese calender, so it's for good luck, yes? 

(Shall we ignore that it's cheetah print for the sake of how adorable she'll look in it?)
Didn't let my paycheque go to waste and got this:

If in stock, they will arrive on the 12th ..birthday (excuse) and all to spoil her a tad, oui?

Also.. I just bought this..

Long story cut short: I was walking around a mall, looking for sensible winter shoes for Nika and I tripped, and fell.. and dropped my money into the cash register of this exclusive children shoes shop. I had very little choice from then on, but to pick out a pair of shoes and voila and behond - there they were, just standing there, looking at me. Well, I mean truth be told I had been lingering the prospect of buying them for a month at that point.. but the main thing is not only are they lined with extremely high quality sheep's wool inside (it's been -30 degrees celcius here! We went out in -15 degrees and she came home with warm feet, so mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned), they're fully water resistant (I presume) and they are freaking gorgeous. The price part I shall skip and ignore. I know tons of parents who get their almost 2 year olds shoes and clothes for Christmas and pretend that those are presents, so yes, Christmas, presents. Yep.

Queue avaisive action.

Riight, so speaking of Christmas, while we're on the subject of Christmas.

  • Kitchen RedBox
  • Magnets - Vtech, 3 program
  • Couch - Winnie the Pooh fold out, awesome.
  • Books, mostly talking ones
  • Bunny
  • Teddy
  • Vacuum - Playskool Dusty the vacuum: LOVE IT.
  • Pencils
  • DVDs

more books

Her grandma and grandpa from Florida sent her super adorable outfits and toys, and even two jumpers for me

Toy reviews:
I give the Hasbro Playskool Dusty the Vacuum a 4 star rating!
It's a tad quiet, definitely enough to get the toddler's attention, alas when your toddler has the attention span of a hyperactive hamster and has enough toys to entertain a small daycare to boot, it will not be the toy to keep him/her occupied for a prolonged period of time.

Says an incredible amount of fun phrases though.

Hasbro My Little Pony So Soft Sleep and Twinkle Starsong (

I love it, it's adorable, it's LOVELY, it's.. oh and Nika sort of likes it too.

She kind of liked it right away but since she opened the present rather late, the moment the cute pony burst into a lullabye song ensued one of Nika's infamous fits from being overtired, she'd cry at the first note of the lullabye for the rest of the night and half the next day, she doesn't like lullabies, just incase someone failed to guess.

However after a good, solid 2 hour nap the next day and hefty lunch, my kiddo was thrilled with the toy. She gives it the bottle, paci (without sticking either in her mouth, w00t @ our weaning strategy!) she sings along to the songs and loves the star that lights up on the pony's chest.

I give it a 4 star rating simply because I'd have loved for it to move its paws like two or three of the other models do and for its hair to be a little longer, but in general it's a super cute toy that Nika has been enjoying for several days.

RedBox Kitchen: 
Lots of accessories - 50 in toal, great value, tall, colorful and not pink (always a plus, I went pink crazy the first year and now I love it that Nika has toys of various colors) Assembling it was another story but I'm challenged that way, I'm sure someone who's a little more gifted in that sense would have less trouble. Once you put the sides of the kitchen up on the bottom platform and you finally want to put the 4th side in the other three basically fall off/apart.

It's nice and tall but doesn't take up much space, Nika's a tad tall for her age, but it's just right, about 40 inches in height.