Monday, December 27, 2010

I rock the world, because:

I have managed to get my kid a toy that has been out of stock in Russia for possibly ever since the first consignment ran out - only in one shop, the wrinkled dusty tattered (and at double the price!) was there a single box left. "No!" - I thought to myself, and decided I will get it at a normal (for Moscow) price and without a doubt, in better condition.

All for Niki~
..though she'd tear open the packaging and not bother about the condition of it much.. as for the pricing.. I could still afford it, but it became a question of principal, when I almost got ripped off by buying (at one of Moscow's central toy shops which is a part of Russia's biggest children stores chain!). The ponies I had picked out, one for Nika and one for my boyfriend's daughter - they sang at me, not in English, not in Russian but in bloody Polish. There I am, standing in queue for the cash-till, to check out - with two Polish singing ponies, maan was I peeved. Needless to say, I dropped them on the spot, after managing to shake my 'WTF?!' face.

But, anyway:
The *only* educational keyboard available in Russia, and even then, evidently only scarcely available.

Comfy keyboard, Comfyland games

Also, munchkin has thus far received:
Hasbro Furry Frenzies, Captain Crash                               Her favourite photo of us in a frame

 My Little Pony So Soft Make Me Better


And of course, a bunch of DVDs, because I'm one of those parents who let their children get amused at animated characters moving about on a screen =)

And yet to come:

But Nika isn't the only one getting spoiled this holiday season.. more about that later!

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